Ceremonial Lance
The lance was the primary hunting weapon. It was held in the hand and braced by the arm. From horseback, tha object was to ram it with a sharp blow into the area just in front of the first rib of the buffalo. Attacking a buffalo was dangerous business; the bravery involved was worthy of praise. Seven feathers are attached to this lance to represent the Seven Bands of the Teton Lakota Sioux Council Fire - the Oglala, Brule, Hunkpapa, Minneconjou, Sans Arc, Sihasapa or Blackfoot, and Oohenunpa or Two Kettle. Its blade si individually cast solid brass of the type given to chiefs as a special gift. The shaft, covered with blue trade cloth and rawhide, is adomed with turkey feathers, glass and brass beads and buffalo hide. A ceremonial piece, this lance is shorter than actual hunting lances, it is about 70" by 16".

Spear 01

Price: EUR 290.00

Spears 02

Price: EUR 249.00